Loving Lately - September

This is part 3 of the series. For more see the posts from June and August.

Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Bites - varies

I had been seeing buffalo cauliflower recipes all over Pinterest and was eager to try it. A healthy alternative to buffalo chicken? Sign me up! We found a version on Paprika (our beloved cooking app I shared in June) and it was every bit as tasty as I was expecting. Rather than serve with celery (no my favorite) we paired it with pita and homemade hummus, for a little more protein.

ASICS GEL-Lyte33 3 - $80, at Zappos

As any runner knows, good shoes are short-lived. They literally take a beating every time you put foot to pavement (or treadmill, or trail) so it's always good to have a replacement at the ready. My latest pair are these wonderfully, obnoxiously neon Asics. I've been an Asics girl for some time now, but these are incredibly lightweight, and I'm in love. I've never sought out lightweight shoes before, but I'm converted.

iPhone 6, 64 G - $300*
Leather Case, Navy - $45
Zagg Glass - $35
*with 2 year contract

Steven and I knew we wanted to upgrade from the 4S to the 6, but we weren't in a rush. No standing in lines at midnight for us. We pre-ordered through our mobile provider and were pleasantly surprised when our phones arrived promptly on launch day. Apple may have its flaws, but presentation isn't one of them.

Since new phones seem to feel as delicate as baby birds, I also pre-ordered a case and screen protector to keep my new phone safe. I had an Otterbox on my 4S - I am beyond clumsy - but I wasn't in love enough to buy another one. It definitely lived up to its claims and my phone was well protected, but it always felt too bulky for me. I wanted something sleeker this time around, and the leather case from the Apple store is perfect. Combine that with with the lighter, thinner new phone and I can hardly tell I have it in my pocket. Lastly, I love the Zagg screen protector. It doesn't hinder the touch screen in any way, and fingerprints just slide right off every time I put my phone in my pocket.

I won't bore you by reciting the specs of the phone, but I will tell you I spent the extra $100 and got the 64 G version (as opposed to 16 G). Like most folks, I take loads of pictures - kids, cats, food, selfies, and even a few for work. With my old phone, I had to choose between apps, photos, or audiobooks. No more! And no, my phone doesn't bend.

Nathan Phantom Pak - $20 at Holabird Sports

A new phone inevitably brings new accessories. I've had arm bands in the past but never liked them, so a year ago I got a cheap running belt from the dollar store. (For the uninitiated, a running belt is like a fanny pack, but less bulky. And without the word fanny in it.) It was pretty bare bones but it got the job done. Sadly, my new phone doesn't fit so when it came time to get a replacement I actually did some research. The Phantom Pak got good reviews on several running blogs and forums, and it comes in a number of fun colors. I've already taken it on a test run and it's great. It stays in place and doesn't add bulk.

Earth's Best Toddler Toothpaste and Toothbrush - $8 at Amazon

Now that Josie has some teeth, it's time to start brushing them. I was only looking for baby toothpaste, but I happened upon this starter set at the grocery store. The gum brush slips onto my finger and it is SO much easier to use this little brush than a hard plastic toothbrush. I can actually feel what I'm doing, which is critical in the early months when your child wants to close their mouth any time you come near them. The only downside is your child may decide to use you as a teething toy. OUCH!

Audible - free in app store

I have long been a fan of audiobooks but I only recently switched to audible. The set-up is quite simple: you pay for a membership and each month you get a certain number of credits to buy audiobooks. Once you've bought the book it will always be in your library, so it is different from a streaming rental service. I don't love that the downloaded content takes up valuable space on my phone, but this means I can listen to a book without needing internet access or using up all of my data. Listening to audiobooks during my commute (30 minutes each way) is a no-brainer, but I now prefer books over music during my runs. I am still the kind of runner that has to distract myself from the fact that I'm running, and books can always be counted upon to transport me to another place.

*As usual, none of this content is sponsored and I don't use affiliate links. I genuinely use and love all of these things and want to share them with you. If I ever get sponsors, you'll be the first to know.

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