Funny Friday - Oct 3

driving in the car, Luke sees a man in the truck next to us
Luke: Is that the guy that bought our house?
Me: No, no one has bought our house yet. Lots of people have looked at it, but no one has said that they want to buy it.
Luke: They look at the house and go "Ugh, I don't want to buy it."
Me: Pretty much.

Papa: Don't say anything about S-H-A-R-Ks. He's been talking about them all day.
Luke: You mean sharks?
Me: Luke, Daddy and I just got you a book that has all kids of animals in it, including sharks.
Luke: Mommy, I wanted a book about sharks. Not about all the other animals. Just sharks.

Luke: One time I went to the zoo and pet a baby skunk. Baby skunks don't have sprays. I want to get a baby skunk and name it Not Stinker.
Me: What if it grows up to be stinky? Do we have to call it Stinker?
Luke: Oh, Mommy.

Luke: Is it October yet?
Me: No, it's still September.
Luke: Oh, you mean pre-October.

Luke: I just saw a building that says Verizon.
Me: Oh yeah? What does Verizon do?
Luke: Ummm.
Me: What do they sell or make?
Luke: The experience of football games.

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