First Football Game of the Season

You may remember from last year that our family loves football. LOVES IT. We play fantasy football, we watch NFL every Sunday... and Monday... and sometimes Thursday, we have (the privilege to use someone else's) season tickets for NC State football (our alma mater). Needless to say it is VERY IMPORTANT to my husband for Luke to continue on with the tradition of attending and obsessing over football games.

I was hesitant to bring Luke to the games this year since he is now 14 months old and just starting to exhibit some, ahem, toddler tendencies. But, miracle of miracles, he was well behaved and seemed to enjoy himself. So Steven gets a "win" in his column and Luke gets to come to all the games this season. Except when it's late, rainy or cold. I'm still a mom.

hitching a ride

Yay Wolfpack!

game day collage
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In other news, Luke can sort of say "touchdown" which thrills Steven to no end.

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