Luke Is His Father's Child

Not that there was a question of his paternity. There will be no daytime tv moment for us.

MAURY: In the case of 3 month old Luke, Steven you ARE the father.

STEVEN: I can't afford no more child support. I already got six kids!

ME: I knew it! You his daddy, you his daddy! You gonna pay!

Don't judge me. Sometimes you just need to watch a little Maury to feel better about yourself.

Like I said, there has never been any doubt that Steven is Luke's father, but it's surprising how quickly he's started in with the like father, like son stuff. For example, HE CRIES IF YOU DON'T LET HIM WATCH FOOTBALL. Seriously. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

Last night we took Luke with us to watch the NC State football game. Kick-off wasn't until 7:30 and Luke usually starts his bath/feeding/bed routine at 8:00, so we weren't sure how the evening was going to pan out.

At 8:00 he started getting fussy, so I changed his diaper and fed him. Yes, I am that lady that will breastfeed her kid whenever, wherever. Don't want to see a teeny bit of Mom-boob? DON'T LOOK. I thought he would follow his normal routine and fall asleep after his dinner. Not so much. I held him; he fussed. I put him in the Bjorn; he fussed. I gave him a pacifier; he fussed. Steven draped a blanket over his head to make it dark and cozy; he fussed.

At this point, I was running out of ideas. Out of exasperation I handed him to Steven. He held Luke so that he was sitting up and facing the football field. Luke stopped crying. He was looking at the field, and I swear he was actually watching the game. He took a 15 minute nap at halftime and then woke up, on his own, when the third quarter started.

At 10:00 he was hungry so I fed him. Again, I assumed he was tired and tried to hold him so he could sleep. Wrong again. He wasn't happy unless he was awake and facing the action.

I won't go as far as to say that Steven would cry if he couldn't watch football, but let's just say I pity whoever tries to come between him and the big screen if our team is playing.

P.S. - Did you know that Maury used to be a real journalist, and that he's married to 90's news anchor Connie Chung? I know. Weird.

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