Easy Access Pants

No, not like that! What kind of a girl do you think I am? Although what's the worst that could happen? I accidentally get knocked up... again? Right. Anyway.

I have gotten to the point where I am most comfortable wearing belly-friendly pants. I have two pairs of actual maternity pants, but I can't wear them everyday - because, gross - so other days I have to improvise. I am now a huge fan of the belly band. The 'original' band is more expensive, but you can easily find yourself a knock-off. I got my first one from Target and I recently picked up a few handmade options from Etsy.

The obvious upside to belly-friendly pants is that they stretch around your growing bump. Duh. However there is an added benefit* I never even thought about... until now. Because they're super stretchy, they don't have any pesky buttons, zippers, snaps or those big bra hooks they put on trousers. So when I run to the bathroom to do all that peeing I've been up to, I just tug on my pants and off they come. I love it!

Here's hoping nursing bras also have super powers.

*In addition to the aforementioned cat smuggling.

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  1. LOL...I loved my pants...key words, loved!! Stupid giant belly of mine is now too big for those special jeans...so I switched to stupid stretchy pants...and wouldjaknow...I can't fit those either! I had to cut a slit in the top of stretchy pants...what is wrong with the giantous kid of mine! Luckily, those are the biggest issues lol