New Uses For Maternity Pants

The maternity pants I ordered came in the mail today. As I mentioned earlier, I'm not showing yet but I want to have some on hand in case I eat a really big sandwich my belly decides to 'pop' all of a sudden.

I tried them on to make sure they fit. They're comfortable. They're flattering. They don't even look like maternity pants from the elastic down. They're everything I hoped for, and more. Since I currently have no cargo to put in the cargo hold, I wanted to test the elastic strength of the waist band. Just at that very moment, Yo-Yo walked by (wrong place, wrong time). I picked him up, curled him into a ball and tucked him into my waistband. They definitely held him, but after a few seconds he was over it, so out he rolled.

Moral of the story: In a pinch, you could smuggle your (hopefully sedated) cat in your maternity pants.

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