Week 13

I will be 13 weeks along on Thursday, which means I only have a few days left in my first trimester.

I had an OB appointment today and met with Dr. Grana. The practice I go to has 4 midwives and 2 physicians, and I rotate through the staff with my appointments. This way, when I go into labor I'm already comfortable with whomever is on call. I saw Dr. Grana today because the midwives wanted a physician's opinion on my blood clotting disorder. Because mine is so mild, she didn't seem to think it would be a problem.

My blood pressure is normal, but I have lost 7 pounds since becoming pregnant. I am not counting calories or dieting in any way. I also haven't had any morning sickness or loss of apetite, so we can't quite figure out why I'm losing weight. Dr. Grana just recommended eating smaller meals more frequently to try to stabilize my metabolism. Hopefully, all those lost pounds will get packed back on in the second trimester.

The most exciting thing was Steven and I got to hear the baby's heartbeat today! They used the Dopplar wand (the stomach goop is cold!) and moved it around until we heard something. The rythym is strong and Dr. Grana said the heartrate is good (around 150 bpm).

In other news, I haven't started showing at all. Most women would be thankful, but it's killing me! I have already told everyone so I don't need to try to 'hide' my pregnancy. I just want my bump! In preparation, I bought 2 pairs of maternity pants yesterday to have on hand in case I gain a lot of weight at once. In the maternity dressing rooms they provide a fake belly to strap on so you can see how the clothes fit once you get bigger. Steven thought this was hilarious and took a picture to remember the moment.

my very fake belly

That's all for now. Next week I have my first trimester screen which will be a blood test and an ultrasound. Fingers crossed that everything looks ok!

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  1. Do you think you could be losing weight because you've cut out the 'bad' things such as soda, etc? That you might be eating better for the baby?

    I hope that your next appointment goes swimmingly!

    <3 Auntie Rachel