Book Report: Belly Laughs

I just finished reading Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy.

It's a light and fast read. I read it in 4 days, picking it up here and there, but you could easily read it in one sitting. Each chapter is only a few pages long and it reads like talking to a girlfriend.
It's light-hearted, honest and straight forward. However, do not read this to dip your toe into pregnancy reading material. This tome is her telling of her individual pregnancy experience. She had every symptom and side effect possible, so it might freak you out if you haven't read a more balanced perspective.
For the most part I enjoyed it, but there were a few chapters that I questioned. In her section on food and cravings, she mentioned that she craved brownies. So she baked and ate a WHOLE PAN of brownies EVERY NIGHT. She even went so far as to say this is the only time in life when you can pig out, so really enjoy your cravings. Then, two chapters later she quips about gaining 60 pounds as opposed to the doctor recommended 20-35. I'm thinking 'Hello? It's because you ate your weight in brownies!' In the words of Shatner, I CAN'T GET BEHIND THAT! I'm not about to say a woman shouldn't indulge her cravings, but come on! Have some limits! If you gain weight in moderation, you won't have to end up a spokeswomen for Jenny Craig. Meow
But please, don't let my rant discourage you from picking up this book. If you ignore her advice on cravings and weight gain this is a good read. A very refreshing change of pace from the super serious What To Expect series.

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