March 6 - Answers to "Paperwork!"

After some prodding from a few readers, I've decided to share my answers to the questions that I posted here.

Q: What is your insurance effective date and monthly premium?
A: Not telling.

Q: Explain how you came to the decision to become a surrogate. Be descriptive.
A: I have always told my friends that I was willing to be a surrogate, if needed, and I found myself disappointed when the need never arose. Recently, a good friend of mine donated a kidney to our old high school principal, and that brought back all my feelings of wanting to help and provide life to a family. I feel called to surrogacy, the same way others might feel called to military service or the clergy. 

(Obviously, this is pretty similar to what I shared in my first post.)

Q: Tell us your philosophy on life. 
A: I truly believe that everyone, no matter who they are or where they come from, deserves an equal chance at happiness. 
(It took me at least 20 minutes to figure out what my philosophy is. The answer is surprisingly positive, for someone so snarky.)

Q: Describe your personality.
A: I guard my trust, but once someone has earned my trust I am fiercely loyal to my friends and family. 
I find joy in helping people. If you are familiar with "love languages," I show affection through acts of service. 
I fundamentally believe that people are good.
I have determination and commitment. Once I decide to do something I go out and do it. Last summer I finished a sprint triathlon (even though I was terrified!), I had my first child with no pain meds, and I studied for and completed my Architectural Registration Exams after I had been laid off.
On the surface, my humor is sarcastic, dry, and, some might even say, witty.
I graduated from design school, so I like to be creative both at work and at home. I love collecting and displaying art, making things for our home, and running a small design side business.
Oh, and my husband says to mention my sweet tooth! Whenever I'm cranky, he knows to give me a snack. Ha!

Q: What might you say to reassure Intended Parents that you will not change your mind about helping them to have a baby once you've started the process?
A: As I mentioned above, I am nothing if not determined and committed. I don't shy away from a challenge just because it might be hard. I have wanted to do this for almost a decade and I am thrilled to have the chance to do it now. Being a parent myself, I know what it's like to want a baby and I want to help someone start their own family.

Q: Will you allow the intended parents to be in the delivery room when their baby is born?
A: Yes

Q: How do you feel about carrying twins?
A: I am intimidated (both my pregnancies were singles) but if my doctor says I'm healthy enough to carry twins I would be willing to do so.

Q: In the event of a multiple pregnancy (triplets or higher) there is an increased risk to you and the babies. Would you consider reducing the number of babies you will carry based on the intended parent's decision or physician recommendation? 
A: Yes (Yeah, shit got real already)

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