February 28 - Paperwork!

I didn't expect to have an update so quickly, but, yay! I submitted the initial application this morning, which got approved and I just finished filling out forms about my general contact info, my personal information, health and reproductive history, and a letter to the Intended Parents. Whew!

I am hyped up on excitement and adrenaline, but also tired - writing thoughtful responses to that many questions is draining! Hard questions included:

  • What is your insurance effective date and monthly premium? (had to look that up)
  • Explain how you came to the decision to become a surrogate. Be descriptive.
  • Tell us your philosophy on life. (It took me at least 20 minutes to figure out what my philosophy is. The answer is surprisingly positive, for someone so snarky.)
  • Describe your personality.
  • What might you say to reassure Intended Parents that you will not change your mind about helping them to have a baby once you've started the process?
  • Will you allow the intended parents to be in the delivery room when their baby is born?
  • How do you feel about carrying twins?
  • In the event of a multiple pregnancy (triplets or higher) there is an increased risk to you and the babies. Would you consider reducing the number of babies you will carry based on the intended parent's decision or physician recommendation? (Yeah, shit got real already)
There's still lots more forms and insurance information I have to hand over, but that's enough for tonight. My fingers are tired of typing.

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