March 6

Author's note: My plan is to document this process as it happens and while there will be some momentous posts, it will mostly be check-in posts without as much meat to them. That makes it hard to have a pithy name for each post, so I'm switching to naming posts by date.

Not much to report today. I've begun the hopefully-not-too-difficult process of getting my pregnancy and delivery records in the hands of the surrogacy agency. They need access to records from my OB and my delivery hospital, for both Luke and Josie's births.

I have my phone interview with the agency scheduled for this Wednesday. I'm not exactly sure if it's to talk about my medical history or more a personality assessment, but I'm getting nervous butterflies either way.

Last week my first email from the agency included the phrase "We have several Intended Parents waiting to be matched with their surrogate to help them reach their goal of parenthood." I can't explain why, but this gave me the feeling that once (if?) I get approved, I could be matched with my IPs pretty quickly. I had just assumed the online dating part would take a while, but maybe not?

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