Funny Friday - Apr 22

Luke: What percent tired are you?
Me: 95 percent.
Luke: I'm google percent tired. I'm more tired than you.

The kids each have a sign on their doors with their name on it.
Me: What does this one say?
Josie: Wukey!
Me: What about this one?
Josie: Me! Me!

Josie: What's that?
Me: Dollar bills. It's my money.
Josie: Nanny's money?
Me: No. Money?
Josie: Nanny's.
Me: Money?
Josie: Nanny's!

after having dinner with Nana
Me: Say "bye" to Nana.
Luke: I don't want to, I want to stay here.
Steven: Only if Nana says it's OK.
Luke: Please, Nana.
Steven: You really don't have to if you're tired.
Nana: No! What kind of Nana would that make me?
Luke: A lonely one, with only a cat to keep you company. You don't want to be that kind of Nana, do you?

trying to get checked in at our Disney hotel
Parking attendant: Ma'm if you could please pull forward to the end of the curb.
Me: I will, thank you. I move the van
Josie: There, much better.

I'm trimming Luke's toenails, which he hates.
Me: OK Luke, all done.
Josie: My turn, my turn! she hops in my lap before I have a chance to argue
Me: What do you need trimmed, fingers or toes?
Josie: Fingtoes.
Me: That's not a word. Fingers or toes?
Josie: Toes! I cut her toenails Now fingers!
Me: Aren't you bossy?
Josie: Yep.

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