Funny Friday - Oct 16

Wow, it's been a while. I have quite a backlog for you so let's get right to it, shall we?

Also, Josie is finally talking more so she's in on the action, too!


Josie: Hi!
Luke: She said "hi" in human! I'm gonna hug her!

Luke: I have some bad news. I ripped one of the pages in my space book.
Steven: It's OK, we can tape it.
Luke: Make sure you use duct tape or packing tape, but no measuring tape.

Luke: How do boo-boos heal instantly?
Steven: They don't. It takes a little while to heal.
Luke: What's the life cycle on that healing?

Mommy, I accidentally got some pee on the floor with this old wee-wee of mine.

I think my tickle bone turned into a lazy bone. I'm just lazy, lazy, lazy. I want to stay in bed forever.

Steven: Mommy, do you want to come play Mario with me and Luke?
Me: Negative. I'll watch, but I don't want to play.
Steven: Aw, come on. We're going to play as a family.
Luke: Daddy, you need to remember the difference between negative and positive. Mommy said negative, and that means no.

I'm eating Indian take-out while the rest of the family eats something else
Luke: What is your dinner?
Me: This is curried spinach and this is rice. You mix them together.
Luke: So it's not disgusting, like Daddy said?
Me: No, it's yummy. Do you want to try some?
Luke: I know it's not, but it looks like... poo.

Luke: I'm tired. Will you put me to bed?
Me: Would you like me to carry you?
Luke: Yes.
Me: OK. I'll make a deal with you. I'm tired, too, so I'll carry you up the first half of the stairs, then I'll put you down and you can carry me.
Luke: I only have enough energy to do nothing. Nothing but laying here.

Me: What does a cat say?
Josie: silence
Me: Josie, what does a cat say?
Josie: silence
Me: Can you say "meow?"
Josie: Yes.
Me: Will you say "meow?"
Josie: Nope.

Me: I love you.
Luke: I love you more.
Me: I love you the most.
Luke: I love you from my underpants.
Me: stunned silence

Josie: Milk! Milk!
Me: Can you say "please, Mommy?"
Josie: Nope.
Steven: Can you say "please, Daddy?"
Josie: Peese, Daddy!
Me: Can you say "please, Mommy?"
Josie: Peese, Daddy!
Me: Can you say "please, Nana?"
Josie: Peese, Daddy!
Me: What about Mommy?
Josie: Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!

driving past a neighborhood with a "no outlet" sign
That sign says "no outlet." Does that mean they don't have any power?

Steven: Time to wake up! It's your first day of college!
Luke: Daddy, I'm still on track out from kindergarten.
Steven: OK, I'm just kidding. It's your first day of pharmacy school!
Luke: Seriously? I don't wanna be a pharmacist.
Me: Do you know what a pharmacist does?
Luke: It's a person that measures medicine.
Steven: OK then.

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