Funny Friday - May 1

Luke: I realize it's morning but I'm still a little bit tired.
Me: You can go back to bed if you want.
Luke: Well, I have to see who it was running quietly down the hall. It can't be Pop-Tart. All she does is lay around all morning and all evening and all afternoon. It might be Yo-Yo.

Luke: Let me smell your finger.
Me: My finger?
Luke: Yes, your finger has a beautiful smell coming out of it. sniffs It smells like iron because humans are made of iron. sniffs Mine smells like coal because humans are made of carbon.

Mommy, why do you always talk about IKEA?

Me: Are you dressed?
Luke: Everything except my socks and underpants. But I am wearing my pants already.
Me: Well, you're going to have to take your pants back off to put your underpants on.
Luke: Mommy, that's just silly.

Luke: Daddy, they're all arguing about the Hope Diamond.
Steven: Who's they?
Luke: My stuffed animals.

Luke: Where's Mommy?
Steven: She's at a sign convention.
Luke: What's a sign convention?
Steven: It's where people who make signs get together and talk about signs.
Luke: That sounds BORING.

Me: After you finish in the bathroom you can see what I brought you from Vegas. It's in your room.
Luke: I guess that place IS special.

Luke: When I grow up I'm going to be a chef.
Me: A chef? I thought you wanted to be a marine biologist.
Luke: That was last week. I change my mind a lot.

Luke got in trouble for being disruptive during circle time.
Isn't it weird that I got a Happygram from school today?

Me: Did you take your vitamin this morning?
Luke: Nope.
Me: What about yesterday?
Luke: I don't remember.
Me: I'll just give you one to be on the safe side. If you take too many you'll grow a whole foot overnight and then you won't be little anymore.
Luke: But, Mommy, I have to grow up.
Me: No, I want you to be my baby forever.
Luke: But I want to be a scientist.
Me: You can still be a scientist.
Luke: No, I have to grow up. Babies can't be scientists.

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