Funny Friday - Mar 13

Luke: Does Siri know what God looks like?
Steven: Nobody knows for sure.
Luke: I think God looks like a man in a red suit.
Me: I think you're thinking about Santa.
Luke: No I'm not. pause Oh yeah, I was thinking about Santa.

while I was wearing my pleather leggings
Mommy, these pants are so smooth. Thank you for wearing them.

Me: Oh, Luke, your breath is terrible.
Luke: Well, if I don't breathe I'll die.
Me: I didn't say don't breathe, just don't breathe in my face.

while on a conference call while working from home
Me: Babe, can you take the kids downstairs. Josie is so loud!
Luke: Mommy, I'm way louder than Josie.

Mommy, Josie is a little kid name. When she gets older you have to give her a better name.

while going potty in the morning
Luke: What smells so bad in the bathroom?
Me: Is it the litter box?
Luke: No, I don't see the litter box.
Me: Is it your hiney?
Luke: No, my hiney smells beautiful.
Me: Is it poop smell?
Luke: No, it's my breath!

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