Funny Friday - Jul 4

Happy 4th of July! I hope you and your family get to grill out and watch some fireworks today. I will be avoiding fireworks because I really don't like being screamed at by frightened babies.

Mom and I got home from an overnight trip to VA
Nana, did you enjoy going with your daughter?

My name is Luke Evan Harris Tittletalk Robitussin Bof

Luke: Where does Daddy work?
Me: O'Brien Atkins Architects
Luke: That's a long word.
Me: It is. Daddy is an architect. That means he designs buildings.
Luke: I can build things better than Daddy. I'm going to be an architect on my first day of college.

Picking up Luke to give him a hug
Me: Did you toot?
Luke: giggling No.
Me: You fibber. You tooted in my hand!
Luke: cackling I tooted in your hand because you deserved it!

Luke: Mommy, what's a boo?
Me: I don't know, sweetie.
Luke: But you're a grownup. You have to know!

In the middle of the night one of Luke's noise making toys started dying and making a terrible noise.
Luke: crying, half asleep Daddy, why do things run out of batteries?

Luke: singing We won't, we won't rock you.
Me: Why not?
Luke: Just kidding.

Me: Luke, let's make a pinkie promise. I'm worried you have a tummy ache so you can't have your marshmallow tonight. But you can have it when you feel better.
Luke: You did a good thing to me, Mommy. I want my marshmallow but I don't want it now. Marshmallows are too big. Bigger than my mouth.

Luke often zones out in the middle of doing something, so we are constantly reminding him to "focus on your food," "focus on putting your shoes on," etc.
Steven: Luke, time to get up.
Luke: I just want to focus on sleeping for a little longer.

helping me cook dinner
Luke: Artichokes are yuck.
Me: No, they're yummy!
Luke: They can be good in things, but they're yuck by themselves.

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