We're planning Luke and Josie's party* and now we're getting the usual round of RSVPs. One inquisitive and thoughtful Mom asked what toys and games Luke is interested in. Part of me wanted to say the "standard" things like, Hot Wheels! Legos! Nerf guns! But no, Luke isn't really into those things right now, despite his father's encouragement. What did I email back to this mother?

"Right now Luke is into Mega Bloks/Large Legos, play food, and human anatomy."

That's right, folks, human anatomy.

Thanks to an iPad app and some anatomy models he got for Christmas, he knows more about the human body than most adults.

It's amazing what little sponges 3 year old brains are.

*Wait, have I showed you the invites yet? Nope. I should, they're super cute.

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