Funny Friday - Jun 6

Alice: I like your dinosaur hoodie.
Luke: silence
Me: Luke, what do you say when someone pays you a compliment?
Luke: You say "yes."

Me: Luke, do you want some Brunswick stew?
Luke: No.
Me: Well, go inside and see if Aunt Daffy has any extra corn dogs.
Luke goes into the kitchen, but then stares at the floor to avoid the question.
Luke: Aunt Daffy?
Aunt Daffy: Yes?
Luke: You know corn dogs? I think they're pretty good.
Aunt Daffy: Would you like a corn dog?
Luke: Oh, sure! Thank you!

Nana, I call you 'Nana' because you make banana pudding. I don't call you 'Kimberly' because you don't make kiwi pudding.

Daddy, let's pretend to be Kesha.

sitting around the fire pit, staring at the fire
Everything's complicated. Mommy's complicated. She has too many brains, and too many mouths, and too many stomachs, and too much food and drinks, and too much stuff. Everything's complicated, except fire. And grass.

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