Nursery Updates

For the most part, the nursery has stayed exactly the same since I finished decorating it over 3 years ago. Everything we picked the first time was gender neutral, and we didn't go back and "butch it up" after the fact. I figured that once Luke was old enough to have any opinions on the matter, he wouldn't be in the nursery anymore.

Now that Josie's here I've not felt the urge to overhaul or remove anything. I did, however add some personal touches so that she won't think Luke's my favorite.

I embroidered a tea towel calendar for Luke before he was born and when I found out I was pregnant with Josie the first thing I did was order another one from the same Etsy shop. I loved the little family of 3 pattern I designed for the first calendar, so this time around I drew up a family of 4 cats. One upside of a scheduled c-section: I knew Josie's birthday ahead of time so I could go ahead and embroider it while I was on a roll with the cats, so it didn't take me over a year like last time.

 I left Luke's calendar where it was and hung Josie's next to it. I considered moving Luke's to his big boy room, but it didn't really go. Plus, I think it's sweet to have them hanging together.

The next thing to be updated was the embroidery hoop collage. I hung the collage before Luke was born, but since both of our chosen names (Luke and Lucy) started with an 'L' I went ahead and stitched an 'L' onto the biggest hoop. I didn't want to leave my girl out so I decided to add a 'J' as well, but since I glued all the fabric in place I didn't want to risk stretching the fabric by embroidering it. So I raided my (embarrassingly large) stash of buttons and made her a cute purple 'J.'  I love how it turned out!

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