Luke's First Day of School

Look at me, 2 posts in a row that aren't Funny Friday! It's almost like I'm a real blogger!

2 weeks ago today was Luke's first day of preschool. He loves to learn and thrives around other kids so I wasn't worried about the transition for him at all. And, I'm not gonna lie, I like having him out of the house for a few hours each day. To mark the occasion I took the quintessential standing on the front porch, first day of school picture. He's quite the ham, isn't he?

For the most part he's doing really well. There have been a few less-than-stellar moments (he colored on a girl's dress and pushed a boy once) but he's only 3 and he's still learning to be around other kids. We love his teacher, we love the school, and it's just down the road from our house so that's a huge bonus. For internet security reasons I won't name the school on here, but if you live near me and are looking for a good preschool leave a comment and I'll email you some information!

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