Funny Friday: Sep 20

We were listening to 'The Fox' because we're mildly obsessed with it.
Luke: Mommy, can you turn Daddy's phone off?
Steven: Do you not like that song?
Luke: Yeah, I just watched it 3 or 4 times.
Steven: Is that too many?
Luke: It's a lot.

Please tell me you've seen this video. If not, you're welcome.

Luke and Steven were playing catch
Steven: Good catch! You got it!
Luke: Daddy, let's go to the next level!

Luke: Are you getting dressed?
Me: Yes.
Luke: Are you fancy?
Me: Yes.
Luke: Very fancy?
Me: So fancy!
Luke: This big fancy? holds arms out wide
Me: Yes, this big fancy! Today after school we're going shopping to get you some clothes to be fancy for Aunt Tina's wedding.
Luke: I am fancy.
Me: You are, but we all need to look nice for the wedding so we're all getting new clothes.
Luke: But I'm already fancy. Daddy and I put on our skirts.

I've been watching old episodes of 'Monk' on Hulu.
Daddy, you take out the compost and me and Mommy will watch Mr. Monk.

Luke was shirtless and pointing to his nipples.
Luke: Daddy, do you like my 2 little breast milks?
Later that night
Luke: Mommy, can I feed Josie?
Me: I'm sorry, you can't. Only mommies can feed babies.
Luke: Yes I can. I have 2 breast milks, right here.

The family spent the night in a hotel.
Me: Luke, it's time to brush your teeth. Here's your toothbrush.
Luke: You brought that here? Wow!

New Songs:
'Monk' theme song

"Cups" from Pitch Perfect

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