Funny Friday - Aug 23

Luke: Mommy's the best!
Steven: What about me? Is Daddy the best?
Luke: No, just Mommy.

Josie can be heard crying over the baby monitor.
Luke puts his face next to the monitor.
Josie, what did you say?

I'm going to find Yo-Yo and tell him to stand still.

Sometimes Luke just likes to ramble on, and on, and on...
Let me sit with you. You will protect me from the yellow poking light* in the hallway. It will steal my jelly things. It will take my potatoes, and grandpa's table, and my iPad, and your iPad, and daddy's iPad, and all the cats' iPads - Pop-Tart's and Yo-Yo's and Chubby's and Mouse's and Pixel's.** Light, you stand there and don't poke me, or I will pop you.
Here's my magnifying glass. Now we can solve the mystery of the disappearing blue pillow.
The big mysterious light*** is in charge of me.
*He means the night light.
** No we don't have that many cats. 3 of those belong to other family members. None of them own iPads. Yet.
***He means the ceiling fan.
This entire monologue happened within 5 minutes and, shockingly, this was only about 30% of what he said. He was talking faster than I could write.

I'm wearing Daddy's shoes, just like at work. I'm going to go to work and let Daddy come back to Mommy and Daddy's house.

In an effort to make Luke not fear the night light, Steven taught him that the light sensor 'looks for' our shadows and then says "hello" when it sees one. Then they practiced with arm shadows and leg shadows.
Daddy will you please help the night light see my butt shadow?

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