Funny Friday - Aug 16

You and Daddy and me have the same teeth.

Daddy, I'm at your house to buy some money. Can I have some money?

Nana, when I was a baby I ate too much breast milk.

I'm on the couch, nursing Josie
Luke: Mommy, what's that?
Me: This? It's my breast.
Luke: No, what's that? come really close to touching my boob
Me: Oh, that's my nipple.
Luke: Heh, nipple. walks off, giggling

Nanny: Hey, little stinky girl.
Luke: That's not a stinky girl. That's a sweet girl.

We're going to have to get to the end of the Earth. Yeah, that's Target.

Me: You're too sweet.
Luke: No, I'm three sweet.

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