The Light at the End of the Tunnel

If calendars are to be believed, I am less than 9 days away from C-Day. By this time next Wednesday, I will be stitched up and in recovery.

For those of you that are good at math (and remembering dates) 9 days from now is July 17th, which also happens to be Luke's birthday. Yes, I did that on purpose. Hear me out.

Luke's birthday and Baby's original due date (July 31) were exactly 2 weeks apart. So even if I were able to avoid a c-section, it's not like their birthdays were going to be months apart. Then, when it came time to pick a day I was told my window was 37-38 weeks, making Luke's birthday the latest day I was allowed to pick. In order to let the baby "cook" as long as possible (and for my sanity) I wanted to leave the baby in until the last minute. I could have chosen a day or two before his before birthday, but that's still a lifetime of shared birthday parties, so they might as well have the same birthday since that's at least kind of cool. They might not think so until they're older, but it will be a fun piece of trivia for those ice-breaker games everybody has to play at some point in their lives. Two truths and a lie, anyone?

But I digress...

With C-Day staring up at me from my calendar, I am starting to freak-out. I still have a hand-ful of things to do around the house - raise the crib mattress back to newborn level, sterilize the baby bottles, make cupcakes for Luke's birthday party - not to mention getting everything buttoned up at the office. I am a terrible control freak, and the thought of handing over my responsibilities to other people is less than comforting. I've been orchestrating the hand-off for weeks, but I still feel like I won't get done. So what do I do? I blog about how much I have to do. Oy.

So for the sake of my sanity (I feel like I've been saying that a lot lately) here are the things I AM ready for, in addition to the snuggly, squishy baby:
- sleeping on my stomach again
- getting my old wardrobe back
- the end of pregnancy acne - dear lord, it's like I'm a teenager again
- being able to get off the couch by myself
- no more heartburn/gas/indigestion
- alcohol, sushi, raw cookie dough, and all the other foods I'm not allowed to have

What's on your mind?

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  1. Hey, Sweetie. Thanks for the wonderful detail in your blog. Call me if you need anything. Love, Dad.