It's A Girl!

Yesterday, thanks to a scheduled C-Section, we welcomed the newest member of our family.

Josie Clark Harris was born July 17, 12:20 pm weighing 6 lb 11 oz, and measuring 19.25 in.

She was much smaller than expected - based on earlier measurements and projected growth we were thinking she'd be at least 8 pounds - but she is quite the dainty little girl. She's eating and sleeping well and seems to be an easygoing baby - so far at least! Everyone is smitten with her and her grandmothers have already been on one shopping spree to buy her pretty little girl clothes. But enough talking, I know you want to see pictures!

last photo as a family of 3!

meeting my girl

Happy Birthday Luke and Josie

me and my girl, sleeping skin-to-skin

getting some snuggles from Daddy and big brother
If everything goes well I'll be going home Saturday morning. I'll be back to write about her birth story before I forget everything, but in the meantime I will be clogging up my Instagram feed with pictures of our newest family member!

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