Funny Friday - Jul 19 - Birthday Edition

Last Saturday was Luke's birthday party and Wednesday we welcomed his sister, Josie, so this week is all about birthdays!

As Luke was opening presents and pulling out tissue paper
Luke: Here's some red trash and some blue trash.
Me: Show everyone what you got.
Luke: It's a present.
Me: Say 'thank you.'
Luke: Thank you. pause Next!

last present of the day
Me: Tell us what you've got.
Luke: It's an iPad!
Me: That's right. It's an iPad mini, so it's Luke-sized.
Luke: Yeah.
Me: Are you going to share your iPad with Mommy and Daddy?
Luke: No. It's my really own iPad.

Me: Are you going to share your birthday with the baby?
Luke: Um, we don't have time for that.

Daddy: What are we going to name the baby?
Luke: Victor-Tec-Armstrong.
Daddy: And what if it's a girl?
Luke: mumbles Marmsford

Daddy: Good morning! Are you ready to go potty?
Luke: Good morning. I peed in my bed.
Daddy: You did?
Luke: Yeah, just a little.
Daddy: It's ok. Let's go finish going pee pee in the toilet.
Luke: Daddy, you clean my bed.

Me: Luke, can you sing happy birthday to Josie?
Luke: Happy birthday to lettuce, happy birthday to carrot. Happy birthday, dear tomato. Happy birthday to pickle.

Me: Do you want to hold your baby sister?
Luke: Yeah.
Daddy: OK. Sit over here on the sofa with me. Now hold out your arms and I'll put her in your lap.
Me: How sweet! You're a good big brother!
Luke: after a few minutes Daddy, let's take a break.
Daddy: Is she getting too heavy?
Luke: No. She's too little for me to hold.

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