Funny Friday - Slacker Sunday Edition

I am SERIOUSLY behind on Funny Friday posts. My apologies. So let's just skip the excuses and dive into the toddler hilarity...

Watching me put on my makeup
Luke: You're making your green eyes brown.
Me: No, I'm putting eyeshadow on my eyelid. See? My eye is green but the skin is brown now
Luke: Now you're coloring your chin!
Me: No, I'm coloring my lips. This is called lipstick.
Luke: Why?
Me: Because it's pretty.
Luke: That's not pretty. It's red!

Luke stands on my lap
I'm taller than the cabinet!

Me: What's in here?
Luke: A baby.
Me: Is it a boy or a girl?
Luke: A girl.
Me: What should we name her?
Luke: Duck.
Me: Duck?
Luke: Yes. Duck duck duck duck goose.
Me: We can't name her that. She needs a girl's name. What's a girl name you know?
Luke: thinks for a second Mommy!

Luke: Whimpering
Daddy: What's wrong?
Luke: Turtle doesn't want me to read 'A Christmas Carol.' Turtle wants to hear 'Curious George.'

Can we get in the car and go to preschool?

We made it to the fair. Where are all the robots?

Um, Steven, there's a lot more things to clean up.

I'm scared of muffins.

Luke comes into my room, with blueberry stains on his face
Me: Did you eat my blueberry muffin?
Luke: Yes.
Me: I was going to eat my blueberry muffin.
Luke: Mommy, I was sharing with you!

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  1. Hey, Sweetie. Thanks for sharing these future memories. Love, Dad.