Funny Friday - May 24

I'm gonna spell sleep. Z... Z... Z...

Me: What's your kitty's name?
Luke: Pop-Tart. I'm gonna pop that old tart!

Nona: You can watch 1 'Bob the Builder' before bed.
Turns on tv, History Channel comes up
Luke: I don't wanna watch 'Pawn Stars,' I wanna watch 'Bob the Builder!'

I hear something big and strange.

Me: What kind of party do you want? What do you want on your birthday cake?
Luke: Candles.
Me: You can have candles. What else? Aliens?
Luke: No.
Me: Dinosaurs?
Luke: Yes.
Daddy: Rockets?
Luke: No.
Daddy: Planets?
Luke: Yes! That's a good idea, Daddy! I want all the planets on my cake!

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