Funny Friday - May 31

Luke comes into my closet while I'm getting dressed
Oh, look at all these colors and fashions!

Steven was digging a large hole to set a post in concrete
Me: Come on Luke. Let's go smell Mommy's new flowers.
Luke: Bye Daddy! Don't forget your dirt!

We're buying groceries, so to speak.

playing in our kiddie pool in the back yard
Luke: [whimpers]
Me: What's wrong?
Luke: I'm having too much fun.

after swimming and drying off in our deck chairs
Me: Let's see if you're dry enough to go inside.
Luke: Mommy, I'm sorry I'm wet.
Me: You don't have to apologize. It's OK to get wet when you're swimming.
Luke: No need to apologize. It's my fault, really.

Daddy: Are you really big or really little?
Luke: I'm still growing up.

Luke: Where's Daddy?
Me: He's going potty.
Luke: I'm never getting the bathroom ever again.

Luke crawled in the bed with me
Me: Shh, Mommy's sleeping.
Luke: I know, but I really want to talk.

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