18 Weeks

18 weeks :: disco bump

Last time around the gestation block, I did weekly bump photos. I kept saying I was going to do it again this time but haven't gotten around to it. It's not as dramatic, having already seen my body transform to grow a baby. Plus I've just felt less prone to over-sharing lately, which was one of the reasons I put my other blog on hiatus. So here I am, 18 weeks along with a sizable little bump and just a photo or 2 to show for it.

So here's my new plan: take pictures (most likely awkward self-portraits like you see here, but every once in a while I might use a tripod or find some decent lighting) when I feel like it and give a little State of the Uterus Address. Maybe I'm being vain, but the main reason I want to document this pregnancy is because my pre-pregnancy weight is lower the second time around and I want to have photographic proof of the thinner, cuter pregnant me. Down 28 pounds - suck it 2009 self!

Maternity Clothes: You bet. I have been wearing maternity pants for over 4 weeks, and I'm wearing a mix of maternity and regular tops. Blousy maternity tops are still too big, but knit tanks and t-shirts are just right.

Cravings/Aversions: I'm not liking really greasy food, like fried chicken, I can't stand the smell of fish, and the texture of cooked onions makes me want to barf. No specific cravings, but I'm insanely hungry and thirsty all the time. Just like my last pregnancy, I am very susceptible to food commercials. Once I see a food I want, I fixate on it until I have it. Most recent obsession: Sonic tater tots.

Symptoms: Exhaustion and light-headedness have passed, and I never had morning sickness. I am now in the phase of heartburn and indigestion. Tums are back to being my best friends. Still able to sleep comfortably, and I rarely wake up to pee so that's a good thing.

OB Appointments: I had a check-up last week. Everything's fine, baby's heart rate sounds good. We could hear a loud wooshing sound over the doppler and the midwife said that was the sound of the baby moving around. Seems like quite the acrobat! I have my next check-up and the anatomy ultrasound in 2 weeks, but we're not going to learn the gender. So far I have declined all optional tests and screenings and I'm glad my OB practice isn't pushing them.

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