Funny Friday - Mar 1

Picking up some drum sticks
I'm gonna make something loud. And very noises!

after watching 'Lady and the Tramp'
I had fun watching the dogs, Mommy.

Watching the State/Carolina (bitter rivals) basketball game with my Mom
Don't panic, Nana.

giving me a good morning hug
I love you, little stinker-pot.

tucking him into bed, I kiss him on the forehead
Luke: points to forehead It hurts.
Me: kiss his forehead All better!
Luke: points again Uh oh, it hurts again.
Me: kisses again There, all better again.
Luke: Thank you, Mommy.

grocery shopping as a family, I hand Luke a bottle of baby shampoo
Me: Go put this in Daddy's cart.
Luke: This bottle is for my bathroom!

Me: Night night, buddy.
Luke: Night night, silly putty!

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