Funny Friday - Nov 2

playing 'buried treasure' where we hide his pirate coins and he gets to find them
Is that a treasure? No, that's a ball!

reading a box of ABC's flashcards
A...B...C...S... that spells Mommy.

Luke: Where's Mommy's iPad?
Me: It's not here. I left it at home.
Luke: Catastrophe!

Daddy's making our new friend Jack-o-lantern.

during trick-or-treating Luke was quite taken by our neighbor's bushes, which had blinking eyeball lights in them
These bushes have eyes!
The bushes are saying hello.
We have to make it through these bushes!
We made it!
Bye, bushes.

also during trick-or-treating
Where are we going next? Have to get all these candies.

in the spirit of Halloween, Steven taught Luke the word "creepy"
There's creepy Nana.
Nana was not amused.

Looking at some of the art in his room
I got a toy, I got a rattle, I got a giant bottle of milk. Look at all these pictures!

Listen. Listen to Mommy. Never, ever touch these foods.

the morning after Halloween, Luke saw that his little pumpkin had been knocked off the porch
Where's Luke's pumpkin? Luke's pumpkin fell down! Poor little pumpkin!
Dont' worry, the pumpkin was unharmed!

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