To Infinity, And Beyond!

In case it wasn't obvious from that title, Luke went as Buzz Lightyear for Halloween. He's a big fan of Buzz and Woody, and Toy Story in general, so we thought he would get a big kick out of getting to dress like Buzz. At first I felt bad for buying a store-bought costume, but he was so cute I didn't care!

I did have to modify it a bit, so I'll pretend like that earns me some of my craft cred back. The costume had a built in hood (the purple part under Buzz's clear helmet) but it was way too small. What can I say, that child has always been 90th percentile for head size. Anyway, it looked awkward and Luke was uncomfortable so the hood got the chop. But he needed something on his head - to complete the costume, and to keep his ears warm - so I grabbed him a purple hoodie to wear under the space suit and we were good to go.

While Buzz was out patrolling the galaxy getting candy we just happened to run into a pint-sized Sheriff Woody. We have no idea who this kid was, but we took his picture anyway. He's even got his hand on Luke's shoulder. Awwwww.

After getting a year's worth of candy, my space ranger came home in time for a Halloween story from Nana before he headed off to bed. In fact, all space rangers are required to have a bedtime story. It's protocol.

Happy Halloween!

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