Luke Conversations

I take off Luke's pajama pants and diaper to get him dressed.
There's a wee-wee inside!

Me: What does a crocodile say?
Luke: Tick-tock, tick-tock.
he's a big fan of Peter Pan

I come home and I'm wearing the now ubiquitous bubble necklace
There's a paw print! Blue's clue on Mommy's necklake!

I get Luke dressed and put him in a shirt he's never worn before.
We're wearing a new shirt.

taking a walk
Luke: There's a hole!
Me: No, that's a culvert.
Luke: There's a culvert hole!

Brush my hair, brush my hair!
I brush his hair.
All handsome.

Luke is standing on a stool, trying to pee standing up. I am trying to hold him so that is stream flows to the lake, so to speak.
Luke: You're holding it.
Me: What?
Luke: Don't hold my butt!

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