Recent Luke Shenanigans

Having a toddler can be frustrating, at times, but also wonderfully funny. Here's some evidence:

Luke getting a smooch from his friend


Luke and Steven are in the living room. I am in the middle of eating a snack but have gotten up to move the clothes to the dryer. I am back on weight watchers so all food must be measured and accounted for. It's all about the points, people! I get back to the couch and I notice that both of my cookies have bites taken out of them. I said "Luke, did you eat Mommy's cookies?" and he said "Ate Mommy's cookies. It was good." How can you be mad when the bad behavior is that hilarious (and grammatically correct)?


Luke was in his high chair, eating dinner. Yo-Yo (the cat) was standing in the dining chair next to Luke. Yes, our cats have the run of the house. Luke yanked Yo-Yo's tail and Yo-Yo, justifiably, gave Luke a nibble. He didn't break the skin, just enough tooth to show Luke he meant business. Luke looked at Yo-Yo, said "Yo-Yo's not supposed to eat Luke" and proceeded to cry. Lesson learned, I'd say.

Kids really do say the darnedest things.


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