My Little Chatterbox

Luke is really getting the hang of talking, or should I say, speaking. He can form sentences, ask questions and express himself in ways I didn't think little kids could. Here's some of the good ones:

- Ready to eat.

- Gotta chase the kitties!

- Stop singing, Daddy.

- Luke, shush! (which he says when he knows he's being loud.)

- Mommy, get out of bed.

- We're going to Nana's house.

- Play with the Leap Pad!

- Eat some blueberries.

- There's a towel on you head, Mommy. Take it off.

- Wanna go night night.

and my favorite...

- Put the phone down, Mommy.

He's pretty much a hilarious kid. He has his moments - all toddlers do - but if I could guarantee they'd all be like Luke I'd have 5 more.

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