We're on the baby steps plan for potty training. I know I've been blabbing about it for a while but we still haven't taken away the diapers yet. However we have been doing some leg work - getting him on a potty routine, showing him the "big boy" underwear he got for his birthday, and resorting to bribery. We are using the strategy called "go potty, get candy." I'm just happy I got to use my pretty blue jar again.

For us, going pee in the toilet earns him 1 M&M and going poo earns him 2 M&Ms. I wasn't sure if he would grasp the concept at such a young age, but when you tell him to go sit on the potty he will say "go poo poo get candy," so I think we're OK.

Tell me, did you do potty bribery?

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  1. I like any sort of bribery. But the bigger question is, does it work?