I Love A Fair

The NC State Fair just packed up its carnies and its deep fryers and hit the road.

While it was here I made sure to pay a visit with Luke and the hubby in tow. Although, full disclosure, we only went for the food. I'm sure someone finds prize-winning pies interesting but that person is not me. Unless I get to eat it. Then I'm all for it.

I also like roller coasters, but not the kind that get broken down and re-assembled every two weeks. I mean, how often does something make it from Ikea to my house and not have all the pieces it needs? I'm not going to try it on a bigger scale.

But the food. Oh, the wonderful, deep-fried, terribly fattening food. I had a corn dog, which I get every year, and a deep-fried Reese's cup. I don't have pictures of either of those because that would entail me not eating them as soon as possible. The hubby had a philly cheese steak and Luke had tater tots. Don't judge me - there's not much kid-friendly food at a fair. Plus, he didn't eat the whole serving. I ate some, because I'm that good of a mom. That's right. I will BEGRUDGINGLY EAT TATER TOTS so that they don't go to waste. Where's my medal? Then we ended the day by sharing an apple dumpling topped with John Deere ice cream. Seriously, did we do anything other than eat? Oh, that's right. We hit up the petting zoo.

This part doesn't require much narration. It's just my cute kid with some cute animals being extra cute together.

Aaaaalmost petting the goat, but never actually touching it.

Getting a kiss from an alpaca.

Eek, camel!

This camel is hilarious.

I know I promised minimal narration but I just have to share this: The petting zoo had several gumball-type-machines that dispensed pellet food to give the animals. The camel recognized the sound the machines made and would trot over any time someone dispensed food. And, being taller than anything else there, he would just reach over the goats, donkeys, etc and take the food. Every time. If you didn't buy food he just got really close to your face as if he could charm you into whipping out a quarter. See? Hilarious.

Have you done anything fall-ish lately? Petted anything exotic? Stolen food from a goat? Do tell.

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