A Very Charlie Brown Halloween

I just realized I never put together a Halloween post! swats nose with newspaper Bad Blogger! Very Bad!

Well, allow me to distract you from my negligence with pictures of my absurdly cute baby toddler. Pardon the extra flash/shadow. Little man was getting the paparazzi treatment from Mommy and Nona.

In case you can't tell, he went as Charlie Brown - complete with (hand-painted by me) zig-zag shirt, football and GIANT BLOND HEAD. Seriously, can you think of a better costume for a toe-headed boy? Except maybe a q-tip or a light bulb. Hold on a second - scribbles costume ideas for next year - OK, I'm back. Also, if you notice, Charlie Brown really has the stubby proportions of a toddler. Perfect.

Now for our pop-quiz: Who's the cutest Charlie Brown in the history of ever?

Me, me! Pick me!

I think the answer is clear.

I know this next one is blurry but, COME ON, it's too cute not to post! I like to imagine my future Mom-self as strict and non-spoiling but I can already tell that grin is going to make me cave in like Tara Reid's boob-job. Yeah, I keep it real with out-of-date jokes.

Son, someday this will get you a really nice car and a non-existent curfew. Don't tell your father.

I also wanted to post this next one, just to dispel any rumors that it's all kittens, lollipops and cookie-dough-scented diapers over here. Oh no, shit gets REAL when a certain someone gets tired.

It may look like my baby-daddy is enjoying my son's sob-fest, but really he's trying to cheer him up. So his terrible mother can keep taking pictures. Even though it's past his bedtime. Does it make you feel better that this is crying shot 1 of 5? No, you're about to call DSS? Allow me to distract you, again, with this video:

This video may or may not include:
- Luke saying "Ha'ween" (Halloween) and "turtle"
- cat panic
- "Charlie" refusing to kick the football, thus denying us the classic Lucy moment
- Me fussing at Steven for distracting an already distracted 15 month old


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