The Best $28.25 I've Spent In A While

Have I ever mentioned how much I love yard sales?


Steven and I went yard sale-ing on Saturday and I got a pretty good haul for $28.25. I'll try not to blab too much, but I want to brag about show you what I got.

Car Upholstery Protector: $3
Creative Memories Paper Trimmer and Corner Rounder: $0.50 each
Baby Toy (that doesn't make noise or need batteries!): $1
Cashmere Sweater: $2

Bike Lifts: 2 for $10

5 Shirts, 3 Shorts, 6 pairs of Socks for Luke: $10

Rubbermaid Bin $0.25

(I use it as a trashcan in my car)

1 Wallflower Plug, 2 Refills: $0.50

Snowball Maker: $0.50

(You know how much we love to play in the snow)

So that's my haul. You jealous?

1 comment:

  1. yay!! great deals :) (i just posted about my garage sale finds too... ha!)