Snow Day

The day after Christmas Raleigh got a snow day. It was my favorite kind of snow: deep and fluffy then gone the next day!

Steven is still a kid at heart so as soon as he saw the snow piling up he decided he needed to build a snow fort for himself Luke. The family all pitched in, and you can read about how we built it here.

Of course we took the opportunity to take LOTS of pictures of Luke in the snow. First we took him "sledding." And by that I mean we strapped his Bumpo chair to a boogie board and drug him around the yard. As you can see, he was less than enthused.

He had a much better time sitting in his snow fort. There was even room for Mom and Dad to squeeze in there with him.

The light was so darn magical inside the snow fort there was hardly a bad shot of the bunch. However, I will show some restraint and not post all 75 of them. I hope you're enjoying your first bit of 2011!

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