Luke's High Chair

I wanted to pop in to tell you about Luke's high chair. We chose the ANTILOP from Ikea and picked up the optional tray and support cushion. No, we don't display it in the living room; that was just a nice place to get natural light for the picture.

We've actually been using it for almost 2 months; I wanted to wait until we'd lived with it before I gave you guys my official opinion.

The verdict - I LOVE IT!

The chair, with accessories, only cost us $30 - much less than traditional, bulky high chairs. The tray can go right into the dishwasher and the seat is smooth molded plastic - no crevices for hiding crumbs! If we have a messy feeding all it takes is a wet rag to get things cleaned up. The frame is lightweight and easy to move yet surprisingly stable.

The designer in me loves the clean lines and adult-friendly color palette - no cartoon characters here. Overall I would give it two thumbs up and my mommy seal of approval!

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