DIY Toy Bins

I am a blog junkie. If I go too many days without checking my RSS feed, I start to get twitchy. I may be addicted, but I think it's worth it because of all the good DIY ideas I find.

One such idea was the Trash to Treasure post I found on Ikea Hackers, via ohdeedoh. The cheap and easy toy bin was the perfect solution for Luke's ever-growing stuffed animal collection. You wouldn't think a 6 month old would have so many plush toys already, but you would be wrong.

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I loved the basic idea but didn't have a stand available so I decided to make a wall mounted version.

This project could not be simpler. It cost me less than $25 and took me less than 15 minutes to complete. I picked up 3 umbra trash cans and 3 screw-in white hooks. All I had to do was attach the screws and hang the bins. Easy as pie. Even better, because I used open hooks, I can take the bins down and hang them back up whenever I need to - more on this in a bit.

Truthfully, the hardest part of this project was determining where I had room to install it. Luke's room is fairly small and I didn't have much wall space to spare. I decided the corner between the changing table and the window would be the perfect space to tuck some extra storage.

To visually make room for the dark blue bins I had to move the owl lamp from the top of the dresser. It's just as well because Luke is getting so long I was afraid he was going to kick it onto the floor. The lamp found a new home on top of the bookcase where it is safe from his now-super-grabby little hands.

I think my favorite part of the whole project is that it will make future clean-ups a breeze. I can hand Luke a bucket, have him fill it with toys then hang it back on the wall. Is it wrong that I am fantasizing about teaching my son to be organized?

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