6 Month Update

I know every mom says this, but I can't believe my baby is six months old already! Time really has flown by and I owe you guys another update.

Size: He goes to the doctor for his check-up on Wednesday, but according to our measurements at home he weighs 19 pounds and is 28 inches long.

Teeth: He isn't cutting any teeth yet, but he drools like crazy and chews on anything that will fit in his mouth. I'm calling it pre-teething.

Skills/Hobbies: If I put him on the floor he will sit, unassisted, and play with toys. His dexterity is increasing and he can pick up toys, put them in his mouth and grip things very tightly. He has been playing in his walker for the past month or so, but in the past week he has learned to move it forward and backward and to turn it around. Yes, I have one of the older deathtraps mobile walkers and I let him roll around the house. Calm down, we don't have any stairs and he is always supervised. Stop calling child services. We also have a jumper - you know, the kind that hangs from the door frame - and he LOVES it. He will sit and bounce for quite some time, especially if he is in the same room as someone else. He still doesn't like tummy time and has no interest in rolling or crawling. I wouldn't be surprised if he walks before he crawls.

Eating: We started him on papier machee paste infant rice cereal at 4 months. At 5 months we started him on baby food. He's not a fan of peas and beans but he loves carrots and pears. He is a trooper and eats anything I give him, so I can't complain. He loves sitting in his high chair (more on that later). I nurse him for his first and last meals of the day, and I'll nurse him when I get home from work if our schedule works out. If not, I don't sweat it. Currently he gets rice cereal at 10:00 am and a jar of veggies at 2:00 pm. The rest of his daytime meals are formula bottles.

Sleep: He goes to bed around 9:15 every night. On workdays we get him up at 6:30 (he's usually still asleep) so I can nurse him before work. On weekends we all sleep in as long as Luke will let us, which is sometimes as late as 9:00. He stopped sleeping through the night around 4 months, but then we started him on rice cereal and he went right back to being a perfect sleeper. Yes, I realize how lucky we are. Yes, I am kind of afraid to have another one.

Looks: His eyes are still bright blue and he has his daddy's long eyelashes. Now that he's getting more exercise he is losing his milk belly, but he still has deliciously chunky baby thighs. His mullet is almost gone but the hair on the top of his head is filling in. It is soft and sticks straight out - it feels like the fuzz of a baby chick!

Ok, enough blabbing. I will let the pictures (mostly) speak for themselves.

in his crib, with his hand teether (you can sort of see his 'chick fuzz' in this picture)

modeling his 'Yellow Submarine' t-shirt - he is already a Beatles fan like me! - his favorites are 'Yellow Submarine' and 'When I'm 64'

I love that his hands are so chubby they have dimples - it's the little things, right?

Luke with his cousin Emma, daughter of my step-sister, who is 3 months younger than him

enjoying a bottle in his highchair

I may be a crazy cat lady, but I had to include this one of my other 'baby.' She likes to Lay on Luke's quilt, and baby toys make excellent cat toys (according to her).

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