Luke's Baby Pictures

OK, I am the worst mommy-blogger ever. We had a photographer take pictures of Luke when he was 3 weeks old and I'm just now posting them. Even if you consider that it took him 4 weeks to edit and get them back to me, these are still 11 weeks late.

Luckily, I have a few nine of my favorites to distract you, courtesy of Jack Morton.

Is it wrong that the shots of him being serious are my favorite?

After Luke went down for his nap in the bassinet, I had Jack snap a few photos of the nursery. The room is too small for me to get any decent pictures, but Jack's fish-eye lens did the trick!

All photos by Jack Morton, Morton Photography

P.S. - I learned one very important thing doing this photo session. 3 weeks wasn't the best age for pictures. He was too alert to do the squshy, sleepy pictures you see of newborns and he was too young to be soothed or happy. So for future kid(s) we'll do his "first" pictures a little sooner.

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