My Face Hurt From Smiling

Luke has just started laughing.

For the past several weeks he's been making little squeals and amused noises, but now he's upped his game. He is genuinely laughing.

Saturday night Steven and I met our friends, Heath and Brettany, for dinner. Towards the end of the meal Luke started getting fussy so Steven held him so he was facing Heath and bounced him. As soon as he saw Heath he just started laughing! Heath was smiling at him, but he wasn't doing anything he hadn't been doing throughout the meal. It didn't matter. To Luke, Heath was the FUNNIEST. THING. EVER.

He laughed and giggled for at least 10 minutes which, of course, made the 4 of us crack up. What really made us lose it was when he would stop laughing, look concerned for a few seconds, then start up again for no reason. I'm sure the fine folks at Outback Steakhouse thought we were a few cards shy of a full deck, but you try keeping a straight face in front of a laughing baby!

P.S. If I have the camera handy the next time he does this, watch out. The adorableness will be EPIC.


  1. I got to witness his first giggle fit. He gets that from me :) (And I laugh at heath for like 10 minutes all the time.)