Nursery Fan

Over the weekend we completed the last of the major nursery projects - we replaced the ceiling fan.

There was nothing "wrong" with the existing fan, but with its 52" span and wood tones I thought it was too large and dark for our bright little nursery.

Apparently, the previous owners of our house used the nursery as a man cave - complete with surround sound - and I'm sure in that situation, this fan fit the bill. But it's all wrong for a baby's room so it had to go. One feature we kept was the wall mounted double dimmer switch. Since we used the existing wiring we are still able to adjust the light and fan levels, perfect for late night diaper changes.

Now in its place is a bright and crisp 42" model, much more appropriate for the size of the room. See how the white on white layering helps it to recede into the ceiling? Much better, if you ask me.

I am also loving the crisp lines and simple details - much more my style.

The icing on the cake is that we were able to sell the old fan on Craigslist so the new fan project wasn't expensive at all!

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