Gold Stars All Around

By now we all know that I'm a Type-A person, but apparently my lady bits like to over-achieve as well.

Friday I went for my weekly OB appointment. Since I was past the 38 week mark, the midwives added vaginal exams to my weekly visits.

First, Jessie felt my belly to determine the baby's size and position. She said the baby felt small, which makes me so happy. The smaller the baby, the easier my job will be. During the internal exam Jessie said she liked what she felt. She didn't give me any dilation or effacement numbers, but she said I seemed "ripe, soft, etc" and that she could feel the baby's head. She also joked that given my 'situation' I might not be pregnant anymore by next Friday's appointment.

Now, I don't want to brag, but Jessie happened to mention that most first-time moms don't progress this quickly before their due date. So, clearly, my cervix is somewhat of a rock star.

Of course, none of this information guarantees that I will go in to labor early so I will just go along with business as usual until the contractions begin.

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