My Birth Plan

As promised, I am going to share my birth plan with you. Please don't think I am doing this to try to prove a point or lecture anyone if they chose/choose to do things differently. I just figured this would give me additional motivation to stick to this plan because, admittedly, some of these things are going to take a large act of strength and will power.

Also, please don't think I'm one of those crazy militant people who really think I am able to plan my delivery. Every intervention has its place, and if I need one then I need one.

So, without further ado, I present my Birth Plan:

Allison and Steven - Birth Preferences
Due Date: July 8

Introduction: Assuming that we have an uncomplicated labor and delivery, Allison and Steven would like to have an unmedicated, all natural birth. Please do not offer pain medication. Allison will ask for it if she wants it. Our birth preferences are listed below. We understand the unpredictability of birth and that these are merely preferences. We will appreciate your input and guidance should a complication arise. Our priority is healthy mom, healthy baby. Please be aware that Allison is afraid of needles and would like to avoid them if at all possible. The sex of Baby is unknown and Steven would like to announce the gender to Allison.

Support Team: Allison requests that Steven remain with her at all times. Kimberly (Allison's mother) and Stephanie (Steven's mother) are welcome in the L&D room during labor, but will return to the family waiting area when it is time to deliver Baby. If any other family members should arrive at the hospital we would like for them to remain in the waiting area until after the birth and we decide we are ready for visitors.

- monitoring via doppler or limited EFM
- drug-free induction if it's necessary (i.e. foley bulb, membrane stripping, etc)
- receiving fluids and nourishment by drinking and light snacking
- minimal vaginal exams
- allow time for labor to progress naturally
- manage pain with massage, walking, birth ball, shower/tub, varying positions
- please offer any suggestions or alternatives for natural pain relief
- monitoring via continuous EFM
- induction unless absolutely necessary
- any drugs (pitocin or pain medications)
- IV for fluid intake
- saline lock
- routine blood tests
- any measures to speed labor unless medically necessary

- upright delivery, freedom to change position
- avoid tearing - slow and/or controlled pushing, perineal support, warm compresses
- Steven to announce sex of Baby
- any drugs (pitocin or pain medications)
- episiotomy
- vacuum or forceps
- C-section

- deliver placenta naturally
- topical numbing cream prior to repairs
- allow cord to go flat & white prior to cutting
- Allison to immediately nurse baby
- pitocin to deliver placenta
- injected anesthetics prior to repairs

- breastfeed exclusively
- delay newborn treatments 2 hours - bath, shots, tests, exams and eye treatment
- all newborn treatments to be done in room
- Baby to remain with Allison and/or Steven
- bottles
- formula
- Baby taken to nursery for extended periods
- any treatments or procedures done with Allison or Steven present

- Please consult with us prior to procedures, interventions or medications.
- We request private time to discuss options if non-emergency complications arise.
- If C-Section: Allison awake, 1 hand free, able to touch and handle Baby, nurse immediately

So that's my birth plan. If you disagree with me, please don't leave any nasty comments. However, if you have legitimate questions about what I hope to do, please leave me a comment and I would be happy to talk with you!

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