Plastic Babies and Floor Pillows - Part 3

And so the Saga of Swollen Feet continues...

Last night, as we do every Monday, Steven and I went to birthing class.

This week's topic was how the dads of the group could use some basic massage techniques to provide pain relief to us moms during pregnancy and labor. To demonstrate the techniques Laura brought in a certified prenatal masseuse. She was AWESOME.

She started the session by saying "I normally begin by asking the moms what hurts and tackling their issues one at a time, but since it's been so hot I'm going to jump in with how to relieve swollen ankles and feet."

I think "Thank goodness, this will come in handy."

She continues "Most pregnant women will have some degree of swelling during the spring and summer months." Then she pauses to gesture in my direction, "but if your feet look like that you need to come see me."

At this point, it is important to know that she was not slowly surveying the group looking at everyone's feet. She could spot my swollen blimp-feet from across the room. My embarrassment quickly faded when she began to demonstrate the massage technique on me. I could actually feel and see the fluid retreating from my feet.

Then, after she was finished all the dads had to practice the move so I got my feet rubbed again, courtesy of Steven.

She went on to show us techniques for other body ailments, but I won't bore you with that. I just thought you would sleep better knowing that this foot wasn't still roaming the streets and frightening children:

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